The California Bicycle Coalition is a co-op movement that advocates for national support on healthier communities through easier access in bicycling. Recently, the efforts promoted by CalBike have pushed for three bills, which are relatively close to a final legislative approval.

Senate Bill 127: The Complete Streets Bill

Upon its passing, Senate Bill 127 will shift safety priority solely from drivers, to all road users in a Complete Streets Program. The bill focuses on establishing inclusive road designs that will meet the needs of all those who use them, ultimately creating safe transportation for transit riders, motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.

As a conveyor of transportation equity, Complete Streets also aims to establish feasible transportation for commuters who resort to public transportation on a daily basis. Designing the ideal Complete Street will completely depend on the setting of the road. Essential features of a Complete Street include:

  • Curb extensions, roundabouts, or other landscaping structures that promote roadway safety and enhance the environmental conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Bus-only lanes that encourage well-timed bus routes and also foster public transportation appeal.
  • Intersection crossings that offer sufficient time for those with disabilities to cross with ease.
  • Bike lanes that make riders of all ages feel not only comfortable but also safe to use.
  • Sidewalks that have sufficient space for pedestrians to use comfortably, disconnected from the roadway traffic.

Senate Bill 400: E-Bike Vouchers Bill

Upon its passing, this bill will develop on green mobility vouchers available to low-income residents of the state when they opt to trade in eligible vehicles. Californians with old vehicles will be able to trade in their cars for an e-bike or a bike-share membership.

Assembly Bill 1266: Traffic Control Devices, Bicycles

Near its finalization, AB 1266 hopes to improve bicycle lane designs at intersections that have turn lanes. The bill has successfully passed both houses of the legislature and now awaits the governor’s signature.

Bicycle Culture in California is Gaining Momentum, Know Your Rights – Speak to a Qualified Attorney

Throughout the nation, many states focus their resources on transportation infrastructure involving motor vehicles. Advocates for greener methods of transportation, however, are progressively making a shift and refocusing state funding to promote the rights and safety of commuters as a whole, including bicycle enthusiasts.

The State of California has made headway in these safety measures but the process is slow. Presently, cyclists enjoying dedicated routes are still at risk of being injured as a result of negligence. If you are a bicycle rider who was struck by a driver or suffered an injury because of the carelessness of another party, seek the professional support of a skilled personal injury attorney.

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