8 11, 2019

Most Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

When a cyclist suffers an accident, the injuries he or she sustains are very different that those a motor vehicle driver can suffer in a collision. Cyclists that undergo an accident face a multitude of risks and dangers that other drivers do not, like being vulnerable to the road and other elements. Because of this exposure, there are certain bodily injuries that can be almost exclusive among bicycle accident victims. By understanding the risk of these injuries, you can protect your interests in the event of an accident. Common Physical Injuries in a Bike Accident Accidents that involve a moving vehicle [...]

15 08, 2019

Bicycle Accident Statistics in California

When a person goes outside to enjoy a bicycle ride, the last thing he or she expects is to become involved in an accident – thus becoming a statistic. It is natural for people to assume that nothing bad will happen when enjoying free time. Regrettably, accidents are rarely in our control. The following information provided in this article highlights the most recent bicycle accident statistics within the State of California. Statistics and Facts Regarding Bike Accidents in California Before we examine the data, it is important to note that collected information is not always 100% accurate as it is updated [...]

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